The authors analysed 344 consecutive cirrhotic patients, without HCC, who were treated with DAA. Fifty-nine patients had previous HCC. During 24-week follow-up, HCC was detected in 26 patients (7.6%, 95% CI: 4.99-10.84): 17 of 59 patients (28.81%, 95% CI: 17.76-42.07) with previous HCC and 9 of 285 patients (3.16%, 95% CI: 1.45-5.90) without previous HCC. The authors concluded that in patients with HCV-related cirrhosis, DAA-induced resolution of HCV infection does not seem to reduce occurrence of HCC, and patients previously treated for HCC have still a high risk of tumour recurrence, in the short term.

(Conti F et al. – Journal of Hepatology, October 2016)

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